Uses for Blue Shield Asphalt Barrier Paper

When you are installing flooring, Blue Shield asphalt barrier paper can form an important layer of protection. Discover how asphalt barrier paper can improve the finished product of your next flooring project.

What Is Asphalt Barrier Paper?

Asphalt barrier paper is a form of single-ply saturated asphalt paper for underlayment. It’s designed to be installed between the surface of a floor and the subfloor beneath. The paper’s surface is permeable to water vapor but impermeable to actual moisture, acting as an important layer of protection on flooring projects.

Uses of Barrier Paper

When you install barrier paper under your tile or wood floor, you can expect the following benefits.

Moisture Barrier

Installing barrier paper under your flooring will provide an important safeguard against moisture. This protects against immediate water damage as well as mitigates the threat of mold or mildew damage down the line.

Slip Layer

Barrier paper can act as a slip layer, meaning it provides separation between the subfloor and the finished flooring surface. As a result, you’ll hear less noise, especially when used with poorly-installed wood flooring.

Stability in Flooring

When used in flooring, barrier paper can provide a layer of protection that prevents surface materials from sliding or developing cracks. This can reduce general wear and tear and improve the lifespan and appearance of your flooring surface.

Thermal Insulation

Underlayment can also add to the energy efficiency of a home. This is especially true when used in flooring on a second floor or above. Barrier paper can form a blockade that prevents heat from flowing, adding to the thermal efficiency of the building.

Where to Buy Blue Shield Asphalt Barrier Paper

To purchase Blue Shield asphalt barrier paper, look no further than Holland Manufacturing. We offer a variety of products to satisfy your needs. Contact us today at 1-800-345-0492.